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Likes Stargazing, ambling about, astrology, reading, surreal YouTube videos, creepypasta, flying, quiet contemplation and prayer, clear weather, soft beds, foamy soap. Dislikes Not being able to calm down, pollution, unclear skies, machinery, something they want to see being blocked off, thunderstorms, feather pillows, bar soap.

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Born October 14th. Obtained: November 6th, Nashira was born from a star: Gamma Capricorni, to be precise. Recent Images.

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Zodiac constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere. This article is about the astronomical constellation.

For the astrological sign, see Capricorn astrology. List of stars in Capricornus.

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See also: List of stars in Capricornus. The Constellations. International Astronomical Union.

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