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You can only make one choice on each question, so even if none fits you perfectly, please make the choice that fits you the best of the twelve. Each choice represents one Zodiac sign, but they are sorted in alphabetical order, not in the traditional order of the signs. Please refrain from thinking about what sign each choice represents, but choose what fits you the best — regardless. All the questions are on this web page, so feel free to make any changes you may like before clicking to get the result.

Zodiac Constellations

You need to make a choice on every question. I have chosen not to explain or elaborate on the questions. Remember to make the choices not according to how you want it to be, but how you perceive it actually is for you. Try to be objective, as if watching yourself from a distance — or as if someone else who knows you very well answers the questions.

Astrological sign

You have to answer all the 10 questions before the result comes up right below the quiz. Feel free to pass the link to this Zodiac sign quiz page on to your friends. And please comment on the result below, if you have a Facebook account. Any feedback is highly appreciated. I am very curious as to how the quiz works. Zodiac character traits, forecasts, compatibility, sexuality, symbolism and more.

If It’s Not Your Birth Sign

Each Zodiac sign has its own website:. English name: The Ram.

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English name: The Bull. English name: The Twins. English name: The Crab. English name: The Lion. With the use of this miraculous thing it is also possible to please divine powers.

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  8. Do you want to know about this thing. Yes, this is known as kesar and in English we know this as Saffron. For the decades people are using saffron or kesar to live a healthy life. It is given to new born babies to get beautiful face, it is given to pregnant to give birth a healthy baby, it is mixed while making different dishes to make it tasty and healthy too.

    It is famous for its color and its fragrance which attract every one. Saffron is a type of spices but due to its quality it is beyond the reach of common people. President Lincoln was an Aquarius. You see this sign coming up a lot. This is almost the sign of the mom that's so busy taking care of battered women and she forgets to cook dinner at home. It is a very giving sign," Miller said.

    What Zodiac sign am I? Take this quiz to find your Zodiac personality!

    Presidents John Adams and Teddy Roosevelt were both Scorpios, who are considered good negotiators, according to Miller. A Forbes magazine study found that more billionaires were Virgos than any other sign. Miller said that Pisces had been the dominant billionaire sign until a few years ago. They are degrees apart," she said. They care more about service to others and the product itself. Maybe there is a lesson in that. Miller said that Buffett and Bill Gates, who is a Scorpio, both had Jupiter aligned with Pluto, even though they were not the same sign and were born 25 years apart.

    paitirousunfta.ga Unfortunately for Geminis, Miller said, they are the most accident-prone sign. Geminis, she said, are easily distracted and constantly multitasking. Angelina Jolie is a Gemini, which explains why she has interests in so many areas. Miller said that Gemini was also the sign that rules communication, and that Jolie had made a second career of raising awareness about the plight of refugees.

    President George W. Bush, who turns 60 on Thursday, is a Cancer, which Miller said meant that he thrived on a group dynamic and was also quite family oriented. They are reliable and are going to show up at 4 a. They are going to rewrite the copy. They are going to be thorough. You can count on them. Aries March 21 - April 19 The Aries symbol is the ram. Aries represents the beginning of all things because it is at the beginning of the astrological chart.

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    Taurus April 20 - May 20 The symbol is the bull, which signifies its stubborn nature. Gemini May 21 - June 20 The symbol is a mythological set of twins, which describes its dual nature. Cancer June 21 - July 22 The symbol is the crab, which describes the sign's protective and defensive qualities.