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Together, these two signs become extremely talkative and can discuss any topic at length. Detail-oriented Virgo and big picture Sagittarius can concoct quite the scheme together when their minds combine. Both signs can also be restless, and they appreciate that the other is willing to adapt with them. The ever-reliable Capricorn is a great match for the distrustful Virgo, who will quickly learn they can put their faith in their partner. From the outside, a conversation between these two may appear dull and rigid, but to the participants, the talk is always engaging and stimulating.

Both are calm and logical, and debate rarely escalates into disagreement. However, Capricorn will sacrifice their personal life for their career, while Virgo doesn ' t understand why coming out on top is so important.

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Still, these two will easily find balance in a relationship. Virgo and Aquarius can feel like polar opposites. The spontaneous nature of Aquarius conflicts with Virgo ' s need to take things slow and carefully analyze before taking action. Aquarius ' inclination to take risks can damage their relationship with their worried Virgo partner. On the other hand, both signs are all about honesty, and Virgo will appreciate that Aquarius can also be highly detail-oriented. Virgo and Pisces may have very different personalities, but this is precisely what draws them together.

Pisces is flexible and spontaneous, while Virgo plans out every last detail of an endeavor. Together, these opposites will come to a balance and discover that they actually have similar goals. Follow us. Yes I am 13 years old or older. By subscribing, you agree to Sweety High's Privacy Policy.

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    He is also hardworking, efficient, and methodical and can usually work or reason his way out of any challenge. He has a tremendous sense of duty and will work towards serving the greater good, be it his family, friends, work network, or community. He is skilled at fact finding and enjoys getting to grips with minutiae that many others would find overwhelming. He is usually Employee of the Month or Most Valued Player on any team, as everyone knows that you can count on the Virgo man to get things right the first time, and every time.

    He also loves to help out others. Virgo is associated with the characteristics of the Virgin, such as modesty and purity. A Virgo man is balanced and fair. Most of all he has a certain noble quality to his bearing which is also humble at the same time. Ruled by Mercury, you will never a find a Virgo man standing still for long. As fleet-footed as the Roman god that rules him, the Virgo man is a bundle of energy both mentally and physically. He is a powerhouse of achievement, often solving the next complex problem in his head while his hands do the work of the moment.

    He is also a very good communicator, as befits a sign ruled by the God of Messages. The Virgo man is prone to studying every situation in great detail. He is interested in understanding — well, everything and everyone. His goal is perfectionism, in himself, first, then his work, then the others around him, and finally the world. He has very discriminating tastes and neatness is an ongoing priority for him. Virgoans are associated with Earth, and most Virgo men are grounded and practical. He is a sensible sort, with a tendency to worry overly much. The Virgo man seeks perfection and the game of love is his pet project when it comes to chasing ideals.

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    He is not flighty, or inconstant. A Virgoan will only fall in love after he has applied his mind to the situation at hand, exploring all the pros and cons, all the cracks, flaws, and strengths of an emotional investment. His practical and sensible nature fails to understand the romance in candlelit dinners and spontaneous weekend trips overseas. Not a bad exchange, really.

    Virgo Compatibility : What Is The Best Match For A Virgo ?

    In a relationship, the Virgo man is faithful, thoughtful, and loves to help. He is partial to stability and predictability, and will be home helping you set the table, balance the finances, and throw a ball around with the children on weekends. He strives to be the perfect partner in a relationship and he is capable, kind, and loyal. He is easygoing and relaxed in relationships, and is not high maintenance.

    Virgo and Taurus

    All the details will have been thought of beforehand and addressed. The act itself will go through smoothly, but what of passion and animal lust? The Virgo man often surprises his lovers. Yes, he can be a little puritanical, at least until you unlock the hidden passions that lie within. His element is Earth, so a certain raunchy aspect of this otherwise strait-laced sign is to be expected.

    Ranked: The Best to Worst Zodiac Partners for Virgos

    He is demanding in bed and his attention to detail translates to a man who is a competent and skilled lover. Opposites often attract the Virgo man, and he is fascinated by the wild and wanton in others, traits that he often feels are repressed in himself. He is generally considered most compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer.

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