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The letter y is a consonant when generally speaking when the syllable already has a vowel. Carpe diem in october aries. A little diversion of your mind is quite visible.

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Meditation on twin hearts is a noble tool that hopes to raise one's vibrations toward higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness. His father tells him that the gods closed themselves off from their children because of zeus' orders; Partly because he felt that their children should respect them and he felt ashamed that the gods needed the help of mortals, and also because zeus was worried that their activities on earth were awakening gaea.

Her giants have risenall of themand they're stronger. Autonomy, challenges, action. Will love you, but you might stay distracted from your work. Which has its drawbacks, particularly in jule 15 sign astrology and politics. Our life and events related to it. Posted by trevor on click to see more There are various reasons of these differences. The expression number jule 15 sign astrology the number that describes all of the talents and personal potential that you will have at your disposal during this lifetime.

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As a 9 you may have experienced this internal dilemma about what to. Responsible for medicine men, witches, spirit controls, The life of the party, leos are the center of attention, but not because they ask to be. Interpret astrology: the planetary combinations.

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This combination is characterized by the basic difference in their ideologies and thought process. You don't even have to be witty, beautiful, or talented-. While some librans are shy and lacking in confidence, others are strong and determined with definite leadership qualities. The results of bad actions done in previous births, into the present lives of the people.

September 17 is a quadruple 8 day. It's hard to tell whether she's boasting or apologizing. There is a little bit of superman hiding. Mercury in sagittarius , harry chapin sun, moon, mercury. A strology and jule 15 sign astrology serve a similar function in this regard. Another thing that may happen if they choose monogamy is that they can focus their energies into their hobbies just to get their needs satisfied. Flowers and plants: marigolds, sunflowers, celandines, passion flowers. You are not the type who perpetuates habits. Co dependent relationships or knocked around in addictive relationships.

Aries and virgo love compatibility. June july 22 strength: with strong sixth sense, subjective, gentle, swift, imaginative, careful, dedicated, perseverant, kind, caring weakness: greedy, possessive, sensitive, prim symbol: crab element: water sign ruler: moon lucky color: green lucky number: 2 jewelry: pearl best match: pisces, scorpio and cancer celebrities: alexander the aquarius horoscope jule 8, raul gonzalez.

Now today i. This venus can be kinky, a dominatrix and all consuming. So the more you do it, the more it builds confidence and courage, thereby stamping out self-doubt that clogs the circuitry of inner guidance and self-trust. Build trust with yourself and the whole world changes.

Learn Kriya Yoga-powerful meditation mentioned 'Autobiography of a Yogi'.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Issues you were dealing with in late June might resurface and need to be revised. This is also a great weekend for a spiritual retreat. What a watery, touchy-feely and potentially moody week! The nurturing, protective side of the mother archetype is very strong, as well as the natural impulse to defend the status quo.

On Sunday Venus forms a challenging opposition to Pluto. Power and control issues may surface and obsessive behaviour might become obvious. Mercury unites with the Sun on Sunday and hopefully promotes insight into the self. On Tuesday the Sun moves into magnanimous, fun-loving and a little bossy Leo; it highlights selfexpression and ego-preoccupations. Mars already resides there and furthers the danger of taking yourself far too seriously during the next few weeks. For the bigger picture read your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. A Tarot card is drawn for each astrological sign.

The 9 of Swords indicates an inner struggle. You may be locked into negative thoughtpatterns, regret and worry. Being hard on yourself only compounds the issues you face, and your chance to turn things around starts with uplifting and soothing your spirit. The Strength Tarot card symbolises renewed passion for all things in life. You feel upbeat, resourceful and courageous.

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Now is the time to take some risks, assert yourself and follow your own path. With the 5 of Disks drawn you might feel left out in the cold, while everyone else seems to get more support and comfort. Whether or not that is true, hold onto yourself and find ways to relieve your burdens. The Emperor Tarot card assists you to be assertive and bring order into any emotional chaos that you experience in the current astro climate.

If you step up, assume a benevolent leadership role and stick to a well thought-out plan, great things can happen…. The 3 of Disks indicates that it is time to roll up your sleeves and go for it. Only then mind, body and soul can move as one into a new direction. The 2 of Disks illustrates how ambivalent change might make you feel. On the one side it looks like a great opportunity but on the other side it always includes risktaking and letting go. This week you fare best if you remain extremely flexible when the winds of change hit you.

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Maybe you can even have some fun with it? You are in the process of carving out a new world for yourself, it just takes a bit longer than you anticipated. Use your time to take care of important details, rather than doubting your direction. The 8 of Wands indicates that this week it is imperative to act and react quickly. You may not have enough time to thoroughly analyse and strategise every move you make. All you can do is to connect with your prevalent gut-feeling and strike while the iron is hot.

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With the 8 of Cups drawn you may have been overextending yourself for a while and now feel like you have nothing more to give. If you are emotionally exhausted your whole outlook into the world gets dark and dim. Take some time off to nurture yourself; after that it will be easier to think about your next move. The Sun Tarot card shines a bright and fortunate light on your path this week.

Allow yourself some time for simple pleasures with family, friends and especially children, or your creative pet project. You might be amazed at how invigorating and motivating these times can be and how everything seems easier and more fun. The Empress Tarot card represents the archetype of feminine leadership straight from the heart. Its essence is deeply humanitarian and embraces life and all beings on the planet. Your love, insight and wisdom give you the capacity to heal and comfort others. One of your most potent skills is deep, attentive and empathic listening.

When the Justice Tarot card appears it is important to live up to your highest standards and ethical principles. If any part of your life is out of balance, this is the time to restore harmony. Try to find simple, practical solutions that you can commit to long-term. What is the average distance of the moon from Earth? How tall is the mountain? The Moon rotates on its axis in around the same length of time it takes to orbit the Earth. True or false? The Moon is very hot during the day but very cold at night. The average surface temperature of the Moon is degrees Celsius during the day and what during the night?

The Moon is slowly moving away from Earth at what rate per year? The sky always looks black on the moon. How long would it take for a commercial airplane boeing to reach the moon? The six Apollo crews came back to Earth with samples taken from the moon. How much of the moon has been brought back to Earth?


This deeply disturbing. It exposes the institutionalised inhumanity, psychological torture and injustice integral to the current detention system. The use of interspersed free-form poetry provides both relief and rhythm to the relentless months and years of entrapment on this tropical island.


Behrouz is the core of this saga, its narrator and its hero. A man who has won countless literary awards for his work, whose direct and powerful gaze pierces your conscience. Where would you like to live? And when you have your house warming, who would you invite to share the celebration of your freedom? You can catch Behrouz Boochani and other writers and thinkers this August Details via byronwritersfestival. The approved hours of operation are 9am to midnight on Thursday 18 July and from 9am to 2am on Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July Please note, music will commence from 11am.

The main stages will cease operation at midnight. Audio testing will take place on Thursday 18 July during event hours. The hotline will be staffed during the event, and a recorded message service will operate outside of these hours. Please note, all calls to the Community Hotline are logged and recorded for quality purposes.

The Community Hotline is not to be used for general event enquiries. Any enquiries can be directed to community northbyronparklands. A traffic management plan, prepared by an RMS accredited traffic engineer, has been developed in consultation with state and local regulatory authorities to help minimise the impact of this event on the local road network and the immediate areas surrounding North Byron Parklands. Please follow the directional signage. Please note traffic infrastructure will be in place from 9am Monday 15 July until 5pm Tuesday 23 July. NSW Police will be enforcing this requirement.

Significant fines apply. All Event Ticket holding patrons travelling to the event via bus are required to pre-purchase a bus ticket prior to their arrival at the event. For more information go to www. Special Council issued parking fines will apply. Please note that camping or sleeping in vehicles within the Byron and Tweed Shires is not permitted. We truly thank you for your patience and understanding, The Splendour in the Grass team. Open 1hr before all events. Dance realms of house music. Benjamas on sonics. This Marijuana Talisman is the combination of Art and Magick to empower and uplift the sense and sensibility of human consciousness Centre Sat 3 Aug 8.

Must know basic chords. Entries open mid June close 24 July. Maggie Clark: We warmly welcome you to join us for meditation and inquiry session on Tuesdays at the yurt, Temple Byron. Bring your togs, logs, snorkel or surfcraft of choice. No booking or experience required, just turn up. I keep making new buddies from outta town, but our friendship doesn't seem to be enough to keep them in The Shire permanently.

I'm talking two-three months max. I love hearing about their adventures in the big smoke. Do I pounce too early perhaps? Do I keep opening my heart to blow-ins? I've lost five besties in the last year alone. Is it me, or are they just not lit enough to live here? Loco-motion With Me. Some of us don't see the love and light in replacing their tyres weekly from all the pothole pashes, or dropping coins in a parking meter in Brunz, whilst we wait too long for hand-milled squirrel milk in a keep cup.

I'm sure it's the 5G, not you Gee. DEAR KEENWA, I did a two hour reiki master training on the weekend, and put up a million flyers around town during the lunch break which was hard work as there's really not that much free wall space, and Oh so much out of date advertising. So far, not one booking. Am I missing something? I have made my new moon manifestations, my chakras are detoxed, and I'm officially open for business. What else is a guy to do? Tie up a sarong around said bench to get the vibes right, maybe even a wind chime or two. Light some sage, and make the intention that donations are now to be accepted.

No receipts, no privacy, and no boundaries. Just pure, organic, old school Mullum word of mouth. Gets 'em every time. Farmers Markets We are blessed to live in some of the greenest most lush landscapes in Australia and with that comes fantastic growing conditions. With a number of fresh food markets across the shire, local, organic and all round delicious food is only a short distance away.

wintahighwork.gq Here are some of the amazing weekly locations where you can fill the pantries and your belly. Under the direction of Executive Chef Sean Connolly, the food ethos here is all about fresh, simple, honest flavours.

We are part of a plant based movement and invite you to join us on our expedition to save the Earth one Brussel Sprout at a time. Sunset happy hour. After being around for 20 years Legend prides itself on using freshly chopped vegetables, meat from the local butcher and pizza dough made on the premises daily. Pizza Byron style. Meal service delivering freshly made food to your door. Real food made from all natural ingredients with no added anything. Place your order on line and choose a delivery time. Same day delivery for orders in by 9am. Head chef Ben Boman and his team have launched their new seasonal menu, with some amazing local produce at affordable prices.

Grab a seat on our balcony in Mercato on Byron and get ready to sing along to some jukebox tunes. Unashamedly Tex-Mex, our value-packed, crowd-pleasing menu caters to everyone, including vegetarian, vegan and glutenfree diners. Kick-back with one of our fabulous giant margaritas, don a colourful sombrero and enjoy unlimited FREE corn chips and salsas. Selected tacos include: barbeque chicken, cheeseburger and vegetarian Vegan and GF options available.

Choose between chicken, beef or vegetarian burritos Vegan and GF options available. Enjoy a fresh take on fish and chips that lets you tick the healthy eating box alongside your traditional favourites. Fresh daily fish and salads. Relaxed vibe with friendly staff, cool tunes and affordable menu with something for everyone. Created by collisions 4. Name of Apollo 11 lunar module 5. Earth's force field 8.