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They need to deal with the work that gives them pleasure, and they can surrender to achieving greatness, which makes them successful in everything they accept to do during life; and being in any creativity is a must for them. On the other hand, if they are doing something just for the sake of doing that job, in which they find no interest at all, their results will be miserable and weak. They are imaginative and creative and are always ready to help anyone in need. These are the reasons why these individuals can find great success in any art or humanitarian work, but they often use that creativity in every given job, no matter how monotonous and boring it might seem to others.

If you look, for example, their workspace, you will notice that is entirely different and colorful, unlike others. They will find at least a quantum of creativity in their work, which makes them good workers; on the other side of the story is their neglection of obligation and their laziness.

It is something that no one will tolerate, no matter what, and this is one of the reasons why these people often change their jobs and purpose in life. The sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, is associated with dreamers, utopists, and mystics. So, people of the February 22 are also under this influence — they have their particular, silent world and let you know how much they think it is enough, and you always think you know everything about them. Rarely anyone knows them.

Capricorn Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Their symbolic is the balance between the upper and lower world, between the body and the spirit, the dream and the reality; they always symbolically linger between the two. Their birth date is made from numbers This is the date that throughout human history was the date when some revolutions were raised, and new continents were discovered. Vespucci travelled to the New World in as a member of the Spanish expedition, and in and he led the Portuguese team.

It arrived in China on August 28th. Under pressure, King Louis Philip abdicated and on February People of the February 22 marked our history and left the significant trace on human life — from Popes to Kings and Formula One racers; they are all in this category.

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In a few short sentences, we will try to describe the people that are born on the February 22 — they are the people who can easily understand the problems of other people and are in touch with their emotions. They do not criticise others for the mistakes they make because these people just come to accept people as they are. These are precious people, and loyal friends to those who are loyal to them back. They can be noble and mild people, and they love peace first of all — they are always interested in helping people who have gone wrong.

Capricorn Sign Dates & Traits

Internally these individuals have a great intuition that can be used for all hood causes in the world, but some representatives of this date can use it for their agenda. People of the February 22 are also people who have reliable, perceptive power and a very subtle psyche.

These are great idealists, and their life is reduced to seeking and repairing the world, in which it is possible to live better and better. Skip to content. Related Posts. You do not have much in common with them. A relationship with them would be tumultuous at best. Do not be romantically involved with them! The February 22 zodiac people are highly volatile. You are quite motivated in life.

You do most of your duties and responsibilities without much prodding if any at all!

People are attracted to you because you are generous. Also, you accept others — even those that have been shunned by their society.

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In addition, you are quite innovative and adventurous. When you combine these two, you get a creative individual well equipped to solve challenges. You are quite an idealist. In fact, you never seem to run out of ideas. All you need to do is to turn these ideas into reality. This way, your society will benefit from your resourcefulness. That notwithstanding, you have one major flaw that you need to start working on with urgency. Your reputation is too good to be put at risk!

For example, you tend to be quite dramatic.

You will do anything to get the attention of those around you. All in all, you have everything going for you. Remember; never compromise your key attributes to please others. You can get along with everybody without sacrificing your personality. The February 22 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Pisces.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope from 22nd February 2016

They are in the same group as people born between February 19 and February This means that the planet Neptune has a major say in your life. Just like this celestial body, you are creative, enthusiastic, and outgoing. Your life reflects the stronger characteristics of Pisces. You are capable of expressing a lot of compassion and empathy. The discouraged, marginalized and abandoned find comfort in you. You possess a psychic ability to lift their spirits through your words and actions.

Your birthday signifies stubbornness, logic, confidence, and efficiency. Use these qualities to advance the cause of humanity. You are a very empathetic listener. In fact, you do not have to struggle to understand what others are going through. This is because you have a natural inquisitiveness regarding the feelings of others. You like to walk people as they battle challenges in life.


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As you do so, you are able to see the world from their perspective. You have earned the respect of foes and friends alike for this. You may not be a leader per se, but you do have a huge following. You can marshal people around a common, positive project. You are the right person to make this world a better place. People born on February 22 excel in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, nursing, and other fields that involve much listening to others.

Lavender is all about elegance, refinement, and uniqueness.

Capricorn Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

This reflects your personality. Polish your life in order to be of more value to your society. Last Updated on August 19th, February 22 Zodiac Sign If you were born on February 22, people are attracted to you for your witticism.

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As your complete horoscope profile below shows, karma is your good friend. Read on to find out why! Love and Compatibility for February 22 Zodiac Do you know why people find you to be an adventurous and creative lover? What are the Traits of a Person Born on February 22? And, you have a million other ways of being noticed! Your Career Horoscope You are a very empathetic listener. Final Thought… Brown is the magic color of people born on February This color signifies lavender. Sharing is caring! Share Pin.