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All creativity results from the action of positive and negative polarization.

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Pallas might also be considered an efficiency expert but not in the usual sense. Efficiency experts usually succeed through singleness of purpose; eliminating everything not directly connected with the desired result. Pallas is more likely to make use of all available abilities and material. Rather than streamlining, it expands into organizing all available elements. No grain of sand misses her eagle-like perceptive eye. In nature and throughout the universe, nothing is ever lost. One form is merely transformed into another. Those with Pallas strong in their chart have a desire to reconcile all exceptions.

There may be 99 sheep safe in the fold but it is that one that is lost in the desert, gone astray, that the master must find and bring home. Pallas is aware that nothing is really lost, but her job is to understand those deviations.

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Pallas is a free spirit who roams the world, unlocking doors; when one door locks in front of her, she looks for another to open. Pallas works on the problem nearest at hand but she is not bound by that problem. She is the one that turns every stumbling block into a stepping stone. She has a tremendous faculty for recognizing what she can do and what she cannot do. You can use these HTML tags. Name required. Email will not be published required. Notify me of new posts by email.

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The Sun is conjunct Venus in Aries in the Pallas chart, which is very strong symbolism for Pallas as a warrior and champion. While the Moon in Aquarius has an emotional connection to humanitarian unity, Mars in Aquarius will fight for that cause. Neptune is forming a fixed t-square to Jupiter opposing Mars. Neptune dissolves, and in this chart I see it as the potential to dissolve the fixity and restriction of social roles based on sex and gender. Having Jupiter in Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus represents status, wealth and religious superiority.

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With that dynamic opposing the humanitarian fight of Mars in Aquarius, the t-square from Neptune shows the potential to break down the barriers of socio-economic constraints, and points to advocacy against bias based on culture, race or beliefs. In a natal chart this particular combination may represent an affinity to astrology. I see this as making adjustments to our ideas around masculine and feminine roles, but also of moving away from prescribed social structures towards a more Uranian ideal of free individuality, taking power out of all of the social constructs.

There are many ideas of advocacy in this chart, defending or fighting for the underdog in general, whether it be persons, places, or things. Pluto in Pisces indicates altruism for all people and opposing Saturn would highlight a need for balance between a utopian, boundless, love frenzy and a never ending structure built on details and fault finding.

Somewhere in the middle lives a healthy and supportive society creating the perfect environment built on healing and unconditional love. I will show some examples of both the natal Pallas and then a significant Pallas transit for the particular natal chart. Pallas in Aries is the athlete, the pioneer, and the trailblazer. Billie Jean King is an excellent example of this Pallas archetype. Chart 2 shows that she has Pallas in Aries in the second house opposing the Moon and Neptune in Libra in her eighth house.

The female players were underpaid and under-valued compared to the male professional tennis players. In an effort to have their demands recognized she agreed to participate in a Battle of the Sexes match with Bobby Riggs. King accepted the challenge when Pallas was rising to her Midheaven by transit, and beat him shortly after Pallas had crossed her MC Chart 3. Shortly after Ms. I will forever be grateful for choosing a lecture at U.

Wells was an investigative journalist, teacher and a leader early into the civil rights movement. She spent most of her adult life fighting racism and sexism and trying to put a stop to violence against African Americans. Pallas has an important placement in her chart Chart 4.

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I do not have a time so I used a noon time chart, but this does not dilute the potency of Pallas. Pallas completes a cardinal t-square with an opposition to her Moon, Neptune, and Mars in Aries, while Mercury in Cancer is at the apex of the aspect pattern.

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When I first saw her chart, Pallas was not displayed. As I heard her life being described- her passionate fight for equal rights and a desire to stop violence, and specifically lynching, I was surprised to see nothing in Libra. Then I pulled her natal chart and saw her Pallas placement. While Mars is the final dispositor of her natal chart, the opposition to Pallas in Libra and square to Mercury in Cancer give her Mars placement meaning and purpose.

Wells life changed forever.