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Monthly Horoscopes Sep 23, Their personality traits, what they're into and which star signs they get on best with. Monthly Horoscopes Sep 13, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 30, Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Monthly Horoscopes Aug 20, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 1, Monthly Horoscopes Jul 19, Star signs are for amateurs! The real you is found in your MOON sign. Sex Jul 17, Similarly, as shown in the appendix to History on this website under Sun Signs, Russell Grant and Mystic Meg disagree completely on the compatibility of Gemini-Virgo 90, "sexual incompatibility" vs "sex style matches perfectly" , and similarly on Virgo-Aries , Virgo-Pisces , Libra-Libra 0 and Aquarius-Libra Astrologers can also disagree with themselves when their rating of X-Y differs from their rating of Y-X.

Nevertheless, the agreement among astrologers is still good enough to ensure that sun sign compatibility if it exists should be detectable in groups of married couples. Compatibility is good for testing Tests of sun sign compatibility largely avoid the problems that plague the testing of individual signs, namely those due to demography depending on place and country some months have more births than others and astronomy due to the Earth's elliptical orbit some signs have more days than others.

For example demographic information is rarely detailed enough to allow the calculation of accurate expectancies. But in tests of sun sign compatibility the variations due to demography will generally apply to both partners and will therefore cancel out, while the variations due to astronomy are automatically covered in the calculations, so an accurate expectancy for any given sign combination is easily obtained. Early research Marriage and divorce records are a good source of compatible and incompatible births. But studies of sun sign pairings in such records have generally produced only negative results.

For example Daneel , found no significant deviations from chance for and German divorces, Silverman found the same for American divorces and marriages, although a second sample of marriages found a small but significant surplus of sextiles and trines equivalent to an effect size of 0. Studies involving other planets and precise aspects have generally been just as negative, for example Shanks found nothing significant for marriages.

A recent Swiss study An apparent exception is a study of sun sign compatibility by Gunter Sachs The Astrology File , Orion who analysed birth data from the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics for couples who married or divorced between and It was the largest sample yet , married couples and , divorced couples. Of the sign pairings, 25 were individually significant for marriage and 13 for divorce, so Sachs concluded that "star signs clearly are of particular importance when it comes to choosing a partner" page 70 although they "play a far less significant role in divorce than in marriage" page This conclusion was supported by a follow-up study in which each spouse was given a false birth date picked at random.

The results were "statistically entirely unremarkable" page Furthermore, as noted by Suitbert Ertel in Sach's Astrology File on this website under Sun Signs, the sign preferences of husbands should tend to agree with the sign preferences of wives, but the mean rank correlation between preferences over the 66 unduplicated pairings AR-AR, AR-TA, Ertel's rankings used preferences based on Sach's published expectancies, which are rounded and occasionally lead to ties.

When Ertel's test is repeated with unrounded expectancies to avoid ties, the mean rank correlations are 0. The differences are small and do not affect the outcome. Ertel concluded there was "no hint of the correspondences we would expect if Sach's results were genuinely due to astrology".

More obviously, as shown in the figure below, the deviations from expectancy do not match the predictions of astrology. Sachs's sun sign results for marriage and divorce show little similarity with the previous figure. Other than the apparent excess of conjunctions shown in red , which is probably due to recording bias see later , the ups and downs are all over the place. A more recent French study However, a more recent French study by Didier Castille Birth day effect on natality rhythms, Correlation From the Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies he had obtained the dates of birth for all married couples to whom live children were born between and The result was a total of nearly 17 million couples.

Spouses born just a few days apart could of course have different sun signs whereas this approach gives them the same sun sign, so the conversion is far from exact. Nevertheless it should be good enough to pick up any sun sign effect in such a huge sample.

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As shown in the figure below, the results show no clear conformity to what astrology predicts. Days between 16 million French couples' birthdays from Castille converted to approximate sun signs between spouses. Once again the ups and downs are all over the place. The above results show a small consistent deficit of squares 90 but no consistent excess of sextiles 60 or trines The apparently large excess of same-sign couples shown in red appears large only because the scale is small; thus the corresponding effect size is a tiny 0.

So this enormous sample offers no useful support whatever for sun sign effects. The excess of same-birthday and same-sign couples is highly significant, but according to Castille an explanation "is yet to be found" page Voas notes that although the quality of the data is very good, three factors can upset any study: 1 Variations due to chance. Some people may not know their birthday or the birthday of the person they are completing the form for. Others may make mistakes, or write illegibly, or decline to respond, or lie.

Some sign pairings may occur more frequently than expected if people seek these matches and avoid others. The Thomas theorem in sociology holds that if people perceive something as real, even if it isn't, it will have real consequences, as when the 17th century belief in witches led to many thousands of innocent people being burned at the stake. Fortunately it is possible to allow for the above factors. Saturn demands that you conduct due diligence before diving in to anything that's hard to reverse.

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An engagement, pregnancy, divorce, real estate purchase or legal settlement could all be part of Saturn's agenda, as the ties that bind come under scrutiny. Leaning into a spiritual practice could help, especially when awakener Uranus begins an eight-year journey to Taurus and your twelfth house of healing mid-May. Prepare to start shedding layers of your identity that are no longer a fit for the person you've become. You might take up serious meditation, head off on a retreat or take a deep-dive into your subconscious with hypnotherapy or even past-life regression. These galvanizing moonbeams help you spread your message to the masses through writing, speaking and creative media channels.

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A lone eclipse in Cancer on July 12 could bring new sources of financial abundance by the end of the year. Relationships are the key theme in for you, Cancer—and the landscape is a mix of both challenging and inspiring scenarios.

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On the upside, expansive Jupiter will visit Scorpio and your passionate, expressive fifth house until November 8, bringing new opportunities to shine creatively and romantically. But partnerships could be tested as stalwart Saturn will spend the next three years cycling through your opposite sign, Capricorn, the ruler of your committed seventh house. Some Crabs will move into serious alliances, while others could part ways or separate.

Even the strongest couples could find themselves spending time apart due to hectic work schedules, a long-distance relationship or personal duties that cut into quality time. Saturn rules mentors, so working with a business coach, mediator or couple's therapist could make or break a connection. This is an especially potent year because it's bookended by TWO full moons in Cancer—the first, a supermoon, arrives January 1, and the second is on December Sandwiched in between them on July 12 is a Cancer solar new moon eclipse, which could catapult you into a brand-new chapter around a solo project or push you into the spotlight.

Are you overly reliant on someone else for your sense of security? Saturn's challenges are actually an opportunity to get right within. These moonbeams will raise your fiscal IQ and could bring some powerful shifts for your career. If you've been stuck in the grind you may decide to go freelance—or vice versa, trading your independent lifestyle for something more stable. Year Deux of the Leo reinvention tour is underway!

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February kicked off a two-year cycle of life-changing eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, which catalyzed a revolution in your personal identity AND your closest relationships. The show-stopping moment was on August 21, , when the Leo solar eclipse brought Lions stateside into its "path of totality," leaving behind a trail of paper, sun-blocking glasses and hopeful Leo hearts. So… what was it all for? You'll start to get some answers in , starting with the January 31 Leo total lunar full moon eclipse, which is also a potent supermoon.

August 11 brings another Leo solar eclipse and the puzzle pieces will come together, and a clear picture of Leo 2. Meantime, two Aquarius eclipses in February and July will reshuffle the dynamics of your business and romantic partnerships yet again. You could enter or exit a relationship, or you might just shift the balance of power in important ways. Yes, Leo, we know you like to be on top—but how about a more lateral playing field? While these eclipses could keep you busy all year, some other important parts of your chart are also bustling with activity.

Expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house all year, bringing growth to your living situation and family ties. Ready to put down roots? In the market for a move? Globetrotting Jupiter might even bring you to another zip code—or country code. Your relationship with your mother, a daughter or a female relative could deepen, and some Leos might become parents this year. Meantime, a major career transition could be underway, when radical changemaker Uranus starts an eight-year visit to Taurus and your professional sector mid-May.

Trailblazing Uranus only comes here every 84 years, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue your wildest and most out-there dreams.

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Uranus rules technology, so a digital venture could become a big part of your paycheck. Making new friends isn't always at the top of every Virgo's list, but in , it might just occupy the number-one spot. With open-hearted and outspoken Jupiter in Scorpio and your communication house until November, even the hermit-like Virgos of the world could turn into master networkers. Get ready: Friends of all stripes could enter your orbit, some quite different from you. Normally, you prefer a well-edited circle of like-minded people who bring thought-provoking conversations.

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Or, you just savor spending time alone! With Jupiter here, variety is the new spice of life. Not that you won't have plenty of fascinating stuff to discuss. Prepare to encounter stimulating people friends, neighbors, colleagues and material books, podcasts and classes —and maybe to make some media magic of your own. With globetrotting Jupiter in your third house of local action, you might branch out and move to a new part of town, or start exploring a "second city. If you've dreamed of the bicoastal life, you could try it out this year. Or maybe you should cross an ocean or two?

Mid-May, experimental Uranus starts an eight-year journey through your international ninth house, which could prompt expat adventures or even a nomadic period one Virgo friend is currently contemplating buying a van and driving cross-country while workshopping a one-woman show. With four eclipses falling on your axis of control and surrender, there will be times when your inner micromanager rears up, and other moments when you just want to make a blissful escape.

Finding the point of moderation will be part of your journey. These eclipses could also spark a new approach to health, healing and spirituality. Love could also be a more serious topic in the coming months, as stalwart Saturn settles into your romantic and creative fifth house for the next three years. But no need to lock yourself into anything too quickly. For couples, Saturn could put a little damper on the spontaneity, so make a dedicated effort to pencil in non-negotiable together time that keeps you feeling playful and connected. For artists and makers, this Saturn cycle could prompt you to get more serious about the business side of your craft, maybe hiring an agent or displaying your work in a public space.

Could the holy grail of Libra "balance" be achieved at last? With expansive Jupiter spending most of in Scorpio and your stabilizing second house, you could feel rooted and content as the year progresses! The second house rules work, money and security, and with expansive Jupiter here, you could be offered an exciting new job, a raise or a chance to travel for business.

If you're searching for a new gig, widen your radius to include out-of-town prospects or remote opportunities. The July 12 Cancer solar eclipse will galvanize your career sector—stay tuned for an out-of-the-blue opportunity! Jupiter spent the bulk of in Libra, which kicked off a fresh year life chapter for you.

There was a lot of novelty, adventure and discovery, but it was a largely experimental year. Now, a couple of those out-of-the-box ideas could reveal their staying power. In , you could fashion them into a bigger and lucrative undertaking. Building on this grounded energy, structured Saturn will spend the next three years in Capricorn and your foundational fourth house, anchoring your airy sign.

This cycle could involve strengthening your roots and finding a permanent place to call home—and possibly buying or selling property. With prudent Saturn here, you might downsize, choosing quality of life over high rent or a bunch of material "stuff. If you're overly dependent on your family's approval, for example, Saturn will push you to set up healthy adult boundaries.

All of your closest ties will go through some shifts, especially after mid-May, when unpredictable Uranus ends a seven-year foray through your opposite sign of Aries. With two eclipses in Leo and your romantic fifth house this February and July, unexpected developments could arise in your love life. Cupid, draw back your bow! Let the reinvention tour begin! Expansive Jupiter is visiting your sign until November 8, a cycle that only happens every 12 years.

Even the most cynical or snarky Scorpios could get infected with the Pollyanna virus when joyful Jupiter rides in, so let yourself wear those rose-colored aviators for once! This transit kicks off a fresh decade-plus chapter where you could make a radical new start with everything from your job to your living situation to your relationship.

While you're the sign of intimate bonding, is all about focusing on Numero Uno instead of tending to everyone else's needs.