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Set in the border city of Kars , it explores the conflict between Islamism and Westernism in modern Turkey. Snow follows Ka, an expatriate Turkish poet, as he wanders around the snowy Kars and gets caught up in the muddle of aimless Islamists, MPs, headscarf advocates, secularists, and a number of factions who die and kill in the name of highly contradictory ideals. In conversation with Carol Becker in the Brooklyn Rail about creating sympathetic characters in the political novel, Pamuk said:.

It requires imagination, a sort of morality, a self-imposed goal of understanding this person who is different from us, which is a rarity. Pamuk created an actual Museum of Innocence , consisting of everyday objects tied to the narrative, and housed them at an Istanbul house he purchased.

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It has been noted [ by whom? Pamuk's heroes tend to be educated men who fall tragically in love with beauties, but who seem doomed to a decrepit loneliness. In , Pamuk invited Grazia Toderi , whose work he admired, to design a work for the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul. Their collaboration culminated in the exhibition Words and Stars.

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It is also a novel of ideas in the tradition of the French conte philosophique. In mids Istanbul, Master Mahmut and his apprentice use ancient methods to dig new wells; this is the tale of their back-breaking struggle, but it is also an exploration—through stories and images—of ideas about fathers and sons, authoritarianism and individuality, state and freedom, reading and seeing.

Throughout runs the demonic voice of the eponymous red-haired woman. I thought I would write Memories and the City in six months, but it took me one year to complete. And I was working twelve hours a day, just reading and working. I thought if I were to be weak I would have a depression. But every day I would wake up and have a cold shower and sit down and remember and write, always paying attention to the beauty of the book. Honestly, I may have hurt my mother, my family. My father was dead, but my mother is still alive. Pamuk's books are characterized by a confusion or loss of identity brought on in part by the conflict between Western and Eastern values.

They are often disturbing or unsettling, and include complex plots and characters. His works are also redolent with discussion of and fascination with the creative arts, such as literature and painting. And I don't want to know. A group of writers assert that some parts of Pamuk's works are heavily influenced by works of other writers, and some chapters are almost totally quoted from other books. Pamuk himself said that his works have been inspired by the writings of rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam [ citation needed ].

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Next question? This period also included a visiting fellowship at the University of Iowa. Pamuk returned to Istanbul, a city to which he is strongly attached. In , they were divorced. In , Pamuk returned to the U. In the — academic year Pamuk returned to Columbia to jointly teach comparative literature classes with Andreas Huyssen and David Damrosch. Pamuk was also a writer-in-residence at Bard College. Orhan publicly acknowledged his relationship with Kiran Desai , Booker prize winner of Indian origin. In Bilecik , his books were burnt in a nationalist rally. On 27 March , Pamuk was found guilty and ordered to pay 6, liras in total compensation to five people for, among others, having insulted their honor.

The criminal charges against Pamuk resulted from remarks he made during an interview in February with the Swiss publication Das Magazin , a weekly supplement to a number of Swiss daily newspapers: the Tages-Anzeiger , the Basler Zeitung , the Berner Zeitung and the Solothurner Tagblatt. In the interview, Pamuk stated, "Thirty thousand Kurds have been killed here, and a million Armenians. And almost nobody dares to mention that. So I do. Pamuk stated that he was consequently subjected to a hate campaign that forced him to flee the country.

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In an interview with BBC News , he said that he wanted to defend freedom of speech , which was Turkey's only hope for coming to terms with its history: "What happened to the Ottoman Armenians in was a major thing that was hidden from the Turkish nation; it was a taboo. But we have to be able to talk about the past. At the time, Article of the Turkish Penal Code stated: "A person who publicly insults the Republic or Turkish Grand National Assembly, shall be punishable by imprisonment of between six months to three years.

In October, after the prosecution had begun, Pamuk reiterated his views in a speech given during an award ceremony in Germany: "I repeat, I said loud and clear that one million Armenians and 30, Kurds were killed in Turkey. Article 's old form before and also the new form after the amendments in required that prosecution under the article needs to be approved by the Ministry of Justice. A few minutes after Pamuk's trial started on 16 December, the judge found that this approval had not yet been received and suspended the proceedings.

On 29 December , Turkish state prosecutors dropped the charge that Pamuk insulted Turkey's armed forces, although the charge of "insulting Turkishness" remained. The charges against Pamuk caused an international outcry and led to questions in some circles about Turkey's proposed entry into the European Union. On 1 December, Amnesty International released a statement calling for Article to be repealed and for Pamuk and six other people awaiting trial under the act to be freed. On 22 January , Turkey's Justice Ministry refused to issue an approval of the prosecution, saying that they had no authority to open a case against Pamuk under the new penal code.

The announcement occurred in a week when the EU was scheduled to begin a review of the Turkish justice system. EU enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn welcomed the dropping of charges, saying "This is obviously good news for Mr. Pamuk, but it's also good news for freedom of expression in Turkey". An Ankara-based EU diplomat reportedly said, "It is good the case has apparently been dropped, but the justice ministry never took a clear position or gave any sign of trying to defend Pamuk".

In April , on the BBC's HARDtalk program, Pamuk stated that his remarks regarding the Armenian Genocide were meant to draw attention to freedom of expression issues in Turkey rather than to the massacres themselves. Pamuk himself gave the closing address. On 12 October , the Swedish Academy announced that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, confounding pundits and oddsmakers who had concluded that Syrian poet Ali Ahmad Said , known as Adunis, was most likely to receive that year's award. In the lecture he allegorically spoke of relations between Eastern and Western civilizations using the theme of his relationship with his father.

What literature needs most to tell and investigate today are humanity's basic fears: the fear of being left outside, and the fear of counting for nothing, and the feelings of worthlessness that come with such fears; the collective humiliations, vulnerabilities, slights, grievances, sensitivities, and imagined insults, and the nationalist boasts and inflations that are their next of kin Whenever I am confronted by such sentiments, and by the irrational, overstated language in which they are usually expressed, I know they touch on a darkness inside me.

We have often witnessed peoples, societies and nations outside the Western world—and I can identify with them easily—succumbing to fears that sometimes lead them to commit stupidities, all because of their fears of humiliation and their sensitivities. I also know that in the West—a world with which I can identify with the same ease—nations and peoples taking an excessive pride in their wealth, and in their having brought us the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and Modernism, have, from time to time, succumbed to a self-satisfaction that is almost as stupid. Pamuk's books broke a record and sold over , copies after the announcement of his success, leading to him becoming Sweden's best-selling recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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Retrieved 14 June Retrieved 13 May Nobel Faces. NY Times Books. Daily Sabah.

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